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This is one of my three film cameras, a 6x6 medium format Yashica LM that was produced 1956-1961. Along with that I use a 645 medium format Bronica ETRC, a 35mm Canon AE-1P, and on rare occasion a Canon Rebel XT DSLR.
Most of my work is currently made up of landscape and urban shots at the moment, but I have started working on portraits as well.  I see the world as an amazingly diverse and beautiful place that I have the privilege to document. There are few things more thrilling than getting back a processed roll of film and scanning it, waiting to see how each shot turns out.
You can also view a portfolio of my work at and network with me for portrait-related work on Model Mayhem at Enjoy!

I’m a young aspiring photographer based in Melbourne. My style is nowhere near fully developed yet however I find myself drawn to black and white and street photography.

by Metin Demiralay

Kait by Javier Lovera for Fashion Gone Rogue